This PC case is also an aquarium, meet the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis

Some PC manufacturers release official versions of cases that would fit perfectly in the field of DIY projects, which we see in the most varied casemods out there. This is the case of Y2 Fish Tank Chassispresented by the Chinese MetalFish. A combination cabinet and a fully functional 13 liter aquarium. This is the second time that the company has made a bet in this sense, the first model was named FishCube.

The product is divided into two sessions. In the lower part we have a compartment that can house the computer parts, while in the upper area we have the aquarium. The case follows the Micro-ATX form factor (370 x 250 x 290 mm). A plate separates the sessions.

The case can accommodate Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, two 90mm fans (which are already included), a 2.5-inch storage unit, up to 200mm graphics card, up to 90mm CPU cooler. height and 1U or FlexATX font.

MetalFish also highlights that the case comes with a fish filter connected via USB, an LED bar on top and a pump for water circulation. The glass walls at the top are 5 millimeters thick. RGB lighting can be turned on/off and adjusted via remote control. On the outside of the Y2 Fish Chassis there is a button to turn on the computer and two USB 3.0 ports.

“Flowers, birds, fish and insects are traditional personal hobbies, and a beautifully landscaped aquarium will make people feel relaxed and calm. High-performance desktop computers are the pursuit of many DIY enthusiasts. If you like to organize your desktop, you need a beautiful and powerful desktop, and the Y2 case is perfect.“, says Metalfish on its website.

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price and availability

The Y2 Fish Tank Chassis is now available in China for US$75.

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