Video: Man catches fire after lighting cigarette at gas station


The consequence of this was a fire that hit both the smoker and his vehicle.

By: Gil Martins
Published on: 08/04/2022 at 10:25 am

The driver of a car in Yemanzhelinsk at Russia, made what may be the biggest mistake of his life, lighting a cigarette while filling up his vehicle at a gas station. A rather stupid idea that had devastating consequences.

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The consequence of this was a fire that hit both the smoker and his vehicle.

Security camera footage captured the moment the Russian accidentally set himself on fire after the dangerous decision. Cigarettes and lighters are known to become highly flammable in the vicinity of components such as gasoline, alcohol and ethanol.

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At the same time he caught fire, the car that was hoping to have its tank filled was also set on fire, which caused the guy to run into the passenger seat to try to move it away from the gas pump.

As reported by the British tabloid daily mailthe video showing the man lighting his cigarette and dealing with the consequences of his irresponsibility was posted on the social media channel nextawhere it went viral.

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