Vitamin K acts as an antioxidant and prevents cell death, says study

posted on 03/08/2022 16:26 / updated on 03/08/2022 16:26

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A team of international researchers found that vitamin K acts as an antioxidant and helps prevent ferroptotic cell death. Ferroptosis is a type of cell death caused by iron imbalance. According to the scientists, the study is important to understand and formulate strategies for diseases related to ferroptosis, such as Alzheimer’s and acute organ damage.

Vitamin K is known for its blood clotting and bone building properties. In addition to inhibiting cell death by ferroptosis, the research also identified the FSP1 enzyme as responsible for keeping vitamin K in an active state. “Reduced forms of vitamin K and coenzyme Q10 are not very stable, so our discovery that FSP1 can keep them in their active (reduced) state is key to understanding how they are able to function to maintain cell viability.” , explained Derek A. Pratt, co-author and University Research Chair in Free Radical Chemistry at the University of Ottawa.

“Our results, therefore, link the two worlds of ferroptosis research and vitamin K biology. They will serve as a springboard for the development of new therapeutic strategies for diseases in which ferroptosis has been implicated”, highlighted Marcus Conrad, researcher at the Institute of Metabolism and Cell Death by Helmholtz Munich.

The study was the result of the collaboration of researchers from Germany, Japan and Canada. The article A non-canonical vitamin K cycle is a potent ferroptosis suppressor (A non-canonical cycle of vitamin K is a potent suppressor of ferroptosis, in free translation) was published in the journal naturethis Wednesday (3/8), and can be accessed in full at this link.

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