What deleted data could clarify about PT’s death

An expert report indicated that the record of the electronic device of the recording of the security cameras that filmed the murder of PT Marcelo Arruda in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), killed by Bolsonarist criminal police officer Jorge José da Rocha Guaranho on the night of July 9 . With this, it becomes impossible to determine who accessed the images hours before the crime, the document pointed out.

But why is this important in research? In practice, tampering with the record makes it difficult to determine the possible involvement of third parties, points out the Public Ministry of Paraná. The day after the access log was cleaned, Claudinei Coco Esquarcini, cited by witnesses as responsible for the monitoring system, reported in a WhatsApp group of associates at the crime scene that the system was “out of images”.

According to the MP, the episode brought yet another indication of the relationship between the case and the death of Claudinei, who committed suicide on July 18. He was in charge of the association’s surveillance system, according to witnesses. “There may be a connection between the facts. But we still need to wait for the investigation, which determines whether there was any inducement, instigation or assistance to suicide”, evaluates prosecutor Tiago Lisboa Mendonça.

When was the record deleted? At 8:57 am on July 11, two days after the murder of Marcelo Arruda, recorded by the Aresf (Recreation Sports Association of Physical Security of Itaipu) security cameras, the “clear” device was activated, making it impossible to identify the access of members to the cameras in the day of the crime, according to the forensic examination.

The action “indicates the removal of records of the event from the device”, points out the report attached to the MP’s process, which denounced Guaranho for doubly qualified homicide. “As the event log was cleaned, it is not possible to determine the accesses made to the device on the date of July 9”, concludes the report.

What does Claudinei’s message say? At 11:25 am the next day, Claudinei confirmed, in an audio message obtained by the UOL and sent in a WhatsApp group with other members of the club where the murder took place, that the access logs had been deleted.

To protect our association in case something happens. Emphasizing well: we are out of images. we are out of DVR [como é chamado o dispositivo eletrônico com o registro dos acessos feitos às imagens no dia do crime]. No more image on aresf
Message sent by Claudinei to the group of associates

Then another associate questioned him via audio. “Coquinho [apelido de Claudinei Coco], Good afternoon, how are you? They collected these cameras for do local expertise? They they go return later, right?”. Claudinei replied: “I don’t know when he will return. It was once a dance for get to buy this DVR there. AND now it’s… All this tragedy happened. We are destitute there. Unfortunately”.

What does Marcelo Arruda’s family think of all this? Lawyer Daniel Godoy, one of the representatives of the victim’s family, sees in the episode an indication of the involvement of other people in the action, who may have encouraged Guaranho to go to the scene. However, he understands that this investigation will only be better clarified with the conclusion of the forensic examination on the shooter’s cell phone.

“The report shows that there was a successful attempt to erase the accesses to make it difficult to investigate who had access to the cameras. It is an obstruction of justice maneuver. And it indicates that there is also the possibility of third parties participating in the crime “.

wanted by UOLGuaranho’s legal representatives informed that a position on the reports is still “premature”.

Prosecutor says he sees political motivation

Prosecutor Tiago Mendonça Lisboa reaffirmed that he saw political motivation in the murder. However, he differentiates the case from a political crime, provided for in the National Security Law —revoked last year— as it represented an attack against the democratic rule of law.

The MP’s understanding differs from the conclusion of the investigation prepared by the Civil Police of Paraná. Delegate Camila Cecconello indicted Guaranho for aggravated homicide for clumsy reasons and for causing risk to other people.

The shooter was denounced on Wednesday (20) for double qualified homicide for futile reason and common danger, with a penalty that can range from 12 to 30 years in prison.

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If you have suicidal thoughts, seek specialized help such as the CVV (www.cvv.org.br) and the Caps (Psychosocial Care Centers) in your city. The CVV works 24 hours a day (including holidays) by phone 188, and also responds by email, chat and in person. There are more than 120 service stations throughout Brazil.

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