WhatsApp bug lets blocked contacts see your info

O Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application in Brazil and in the world, even facing some competition from other programs. One of its differentials is the high degree of security it offers to users. The problem is that one of the bugs present in the application still has no solution and can compromise people’s privacy.

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Understand the WhatsApp bug that puts privacy at risk

First, it should be noted that one of the most used WhatsApp tools is to block contacts. Through it, the user can exclude from their virtual circle an unwanted person, with whom they do not want to have a conversation. In theory, the blocked contact does not have access to any information or profile updates that deleted them. However, this only happens in theory.

A parallel app, called WhatsApp GB, is able to bypass the blocking system and display the status update for contacts that have been blocked. That is, if you block a person and they have the parallel program installed, they will be able to see their status even outside their circle of friends.

This information causes outrage among other users of the platform, as the purpose of the blocking action is to eliminate any chance of contact. After all, some of the reasons to eliminate someone from socializing may involve the person’s own safety.

Understand the risks of WhatsApp GB

Furthermore, it is worth noting that WhatsApp GB is a parallel program with no legal ties to the original version of the messenger. Its installation and use is prohibited by the company, which can ban the user who uses it.

To install WhatsApp GB, you must have the official version of the app on your phone. However, the parallel mode manages to offer different customization tools and even some functionality for the person who uses it. However, the program does not have the security that WhatsApp offers, since it does not have end-to-end encryption.

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