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Samsung launched a wide range of mid-range smartphones in 2022, two of them being the Galaxy M23 and the A23. Although they are similar in name, both are quite different in terms of technical specifications. But after all, which two two is better? Find out below in a brief comparison.

Performance & Display

Starting with performance, the Galaxy M23 is equipped with a Snapdragon 750G chip clocked at a maximum of 2.2 GHz. This is a much higher processor than the Snapdragon 680 found in the A23. In addition, the M-series model has 6GB of RAM against 4GB of its “competitor”, delivering much more fluid use and better day-to-day multitasking.

Speaking of screen, both the Galaxy M23 and A23 feature 6.6-inch LCD panels with Full HD+ resolution. However, the M-series handset once again comes out ahead with support for 120 Hz refresh rate. As a result, it delivers more fluidity in display navigation and during game matches.

Battery & System

For battery, Samsung has added to both smartphones a large capacity of 5,000 mAh and support for 25W fast charging. While both offer a day of use on one charge, the A-series model lasts longer without charging due to a display with a lower refresh rate. Also, the Galaxy M23 supports 5G and this technology drains the battery faster.

In terms of system, both the M23 and the A23 come out of the box with the One UI 4.1 interface based on the Android 12 operating system. In any case, the user will have access to features such as Secure Folder, Samsung Pass, Samsung Pay and the possibility to duplicate apps natively.

Cameras & Connectivity & Construction

Both the Galaxy M23 and the Galaxy A23 feature the same 50MP main cameras. However, the Galaxy M23 fared much better in practice, delivering superior quality photos. In addition, the M-series model has the same 8MP sensor seen in the A23, but delivers better selfies and greater detail.

Regarding connectivity, the Galaxy M23 is the only one in this comparison to offer the latest generation 5G mobile connection. Already in construction and design, both models are made entirely of plastic and do not include water protection. However, the M23 has a matte finish while the A23 includes a glossy finish.


When analyzing all the points above, we can easily say that the Galaxy M23 is the big winner in this comparison. After all, it brings a superior screen, more performance, takes better photos and is ready to receive the 5G connection. In addition, the price difference between the two is minimal, as the Galaxy M23 usually appears in offers around R$1,300.

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