Will it be the end of Grey’s Anatomy? Ellen Pompeo has reduced participation to appear in the series about Orphan – News Seen on the web

Grey’s Anatomy star will appear in just 8 episodes in season 19.

Will Grey’s Anatomy no longer have its star leading next season? Actress Ellen Pompeo will be present in the 19th season, which is in the production phase, but her participation will be in only 8 episodes. Even with this decrease, she will continue to be responsible for the narration and serving as an executive producer for the show.

The reduction in participation in Grey’s Anatomy is due to the new role that the actress will have in the new limited series of eight episodes on Hulu, as yet untitled, which will be inspired by the true story of an American couple who adopt an eight-year-old girl. who presents a rare picture of dwarfism. But when they start raising her, alongside their three biological children, they start to believe that she might not be who she says she is.

As they question the story, they are faced with tough questions about how far they are willing to go to defend themselves, falling into a battle that is fought in the tabloids, in court and, of course, in their own marriage. Katie Robbins (The Affair) is the creator, writer and producer along with Laura Holstein, Mike Epps, Dan Spilo, Niles Kirchner and Andrew Stearn. Erin Levy (Mad Men) will serve as showrunner for the show. It is worth remembering that this story gave rise to the film The Orphan (2009), starring Isabelle Fuhrman, Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard.

Pompeo’s desire to branch out and take on new acting challenges is believed to be behind her decision to act less on Grey’s Anatomy, as the ABC show keeps her busy as it produces 25 episodes a year for a total of 400. episodes since premiere. According to Deadline, Season 19 will have 22 episodes.


Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Gray in season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy.

The medical series star has seen her workload reduced over the past two seasons, as the character Meredith spent most of her time in a coma in season 17, which addressed the coronavirus pandemic, while in season 18, she spent most of her time in a coma. most of the time working and living outside of Seattle.

While Pompeo is rumored to be wrapping up Meredith’s story, there’s still no confirmation that season 19 will be the last for both the actress and the series. Creator Shonda Rhimes said she doesn’t see Grey’s Anatomy continuing without its lead. There were talks about the possibility of extending the franchise with a new spin-off of the medical drama when the original series came to an end.

Pompeo, who has been advocating the completion of Grey’s Anatomy for the past two years, spoke about his career plans in October of last year: “I probably wouldn’t do movies themselves, but I would probably do something in streaming. I’m just trying to focus on different areas and do new things, but I’m sure I’ll act again.” She had already started expanding into other fields, including audio series with her Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo podcast, which debuted in September.

After 18 years on the air, Grey’s Anatomy has managed to reinvent itself time and time again as it has gone through numerous cast changes, with Pompeo as the glue that holds the series together. The medical drama is heading for a transformative new season, with the leading lady stepping back and five new names joining the cast: Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis.

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