Woman sleeps with pit bull and animal almost devours her

A woman used to sleep with her pet dog in her own bed, but the animal nearly ate her alive. He bit and devoured more than half of her arm.

Pitbull attacked his own owner and left her without part of her arm –  Photo: Pixabay/Reproduction/NDPitbull attacked its own owner and left her without part of her arm – Photo: Pixabay/Reproduction/ND

The accident happened on May 16 when Tya Lucas, 41, was at home in Lewisville, Texas, United States, introducing a new puppy, Roo, to her friend Peter. Another of Tya’s dog was involved at the time, but surprisingly the nearly 45 kg pit bull named Hercules violently attacked her.

Tya told the Kennedy News that she swung into action when the animal attacked her friend. She snatched her friend’s pit bull and shoved him into the bathroom.

dog attacks owner

When Tya pushed the dog he turned his aggression on her.

“He must have smelled the blood [de Peter] on top of me and started attacking me. I don’t remember much about it. I remember looking down and my flesh being ripped from my arm,” Tya said.

“I don’t remember the feeling, I remember screaming, ‘Hercules, it’s me.’ ”

According to the NYPost website, the dog ripped off two-thirds of Tya’s right arm, ate her biceps and sank its teeth into her leg and foot. She was screaming, “Help me, I’m dying” when her daughter Tana and her husband Harley ran into the living room.

“[Tana] saw that the dog was trying to kill me. She reached for me and I tried to grab her, but I missed it by inches,” Tya said.

“He grabbed my leg and dragged me further away. Her husband came in and beat the dog. I don’t remember that part. I don’t know if I was passing out.”

Harley stepped in to wrestle the dog away from Tya and carry him out, when Officer Jordan Potter arrived on the scene in response to Tana’s frantic call to the police.

Police arrive at the scene

Lewisville Police Department public information coordinator Matt Martucci told The Post that: “Officer Potter is very proud of the fact that he was able to save the woman’s life – but if you ask him, it was all just in the line of duty to serve and protect the residents of Lewisville. This was a very traumatic situation for this family, but his actions prevented it from being a deadly situation and provided some comfort to the family.”

animal was rescued

Tana and Harley had found Hercules abandoned on the side of the road, covered in cigarette burns, two years ago. According to Tya, Hercules had never shown signs of aggression before and even slept in the bed with her the night before the attack.

Animal control officer Amanda Navarro was called to the scene and used a bollard to secure the dog.

After Potter tended to his injuries, Tya was rushed to the hospital. She stayed in hospital for 19 days, where she had hundreds of stitches in her arm, leg and foot and underwent five operations to remove dead skin.

Tya also underwent a sixth operation, where a muscle in her back was curled into the shape of a bicep and attached to her arm.

Tya and Tana delivered Hercules to the police at the scene and he was killed soon after. They have no idea what triggered the aggression, but Tya was terrified of the dogs.

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