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Good morning, TechMundo! Today we brought the main news about the universe of Technology, Science and Entertainment. We have listed ten articles among the most important for you to be updated on the latest happenings in the world.

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News from 1 to 10:

1. Will HBO Max end? Platform is at risk, according to a report; Look!the streaming platforms HBO Max and Discovery+ are in danger of being eliminated, giving way to another possible service that has not yet been created. Will it be?

two. Anatel and Ancine sign agreement to block pirated streaming — heystrategy was announced during the panel of regulatory agencies on Pay TV Forum, an event that brings together operators, programmers and pay TV channels. Check out!

3. Do I need to change SIM cards to use 5G SA and NSA? know more – PTo help customers, operators have already provided information on how to use “pure 5G” and whether to change SIM cards. Check out more information.

4. Goal will train 50,000 Brazilians in IT areas by 2023 — Meta announced, this Wednesday (3), its initiative to train 50,000 Brazilians in technologies related to the areas of cloud, digital marketing and metaverse by 2023.

5. Chile investigates giant hole that appeared in the Atacama Desert Chilean authorities have been investigating since last week a gigantic hole estimated to be 32 meters in diameter and at least 64 meters deep.

6. Tesla owner installs solar panel on a Model 3; see the video – Ha little over 1 year ago, a American decided to install solar panels on his Tesla Model 3 to guarantee energy to the electric vehicle.

7. Breathe! Meet the tense Netflix series that’s making the rounds – çarrived in the Netflix catalog last Thursday (28), the miniseries Breathe!starring actress Melissa Barrera. With a tense plot, the thriller quickly reached the top 1 of the platform during the weekend.

8. What is the difference between 5G SA, 5G NSA and 5G DSS? O 5G finally started to be implemented in Brazilian capitals and can already be used by users with compatible cell phones. However, the debut of the solution can generate confusion, as there are different 5G offers in Brazil currently.

9. Xbox Game Pass starts testing family plan with up to 5 people Starting yesterday (4), Colombia and Ireland will be able to test a new type of Xbox Game Pass with a family plan, which allows you to add up to 4 more people to share the service.

10. The 5 most eccentric hotels in the worldhotel chains and business owners have increasingly invested in offering bigger and more offbeat experiences. Read!

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