16-year-old girl saves man attacked by shark on beach

What a powerpuff girl! A fearless 16-year-old girl saved a man who was attacked and bitten by a shark on the beach where she was also swimming.

Nadya Hick is an amateur surfer and was surfing in the 12th Avenue South area of ​​Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States, when she heard the screams just 10 meters from where she was.

Quickly, she swam over to the man and handed him the surfboard to help him get to the sand. “He was drowning and started waving his arms and screaming for help […] “He was fighting in the water. He grabbed the board and I pulled him,” Nadya said.

the bite

The attack took place last Saturday, 30. According to the teenager, the man was bleeding profusely because of injuries to his foot and ankle. And his foot was “dangling,” Nadya told ABC’s First Coast News.

“I think he was bitten from below, so I think he punctured the midfoot,” he continued.

The victim

The surfer explained that other bathers helped the victim with their boards, when they realized what it was about.

The man was taken to hospital, but there is no information about his condition.

Shark attacks in the region

The website Extra reported that the Jacksonville Beach region has been much talked about lately by the several appearances of sharks in recent weeks.

Some of them even go very close to the sand, where the waves crash. And you can see that in the video below.

A Jacksonville meteorologist talked about this shark invasion.

“My ‘sister’ made this video of Neptune Beach on Pine Street! 2 sharks very close to the beach. Please be careful.” She added: “There was also a man allegedly bitten by a shark today.”

And really the sharks are very close to the shallowest part of the beach. Watch:

Nadya was fearless and saved the man attacked by the shark on the beach - Photos: Disclosure / First Coast News

Nadya was fearless and saved the man attacked by the shark on the beach – Photos: Disclosure / First Coast News

With information from ABC and Metro

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