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Waking up early, having a few minutes of silence, spending the first few hours of the day away from electronics… productivity. Unfortunately, what works for some people may not always be useful for you. Often, techniques recommended by “gurus” are not ideal for routines fast-paced and people who like to be connected. And technology, when used in the right way, can also favor a productive routine.

PEGN listed 5 apps that help to increase productivity, facilitating the time management and task organization. Some also promote well-being and can be used, for example, to meditate. Check out.

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1. Notion

Voted to the Top 10 Editing Apps and Productivity Apps by Apple Store publishers, Notion is an all-in-one app that can help you manage schedules, plans, texts, and other personal or professional tasks.

The difference is that the app works with 100% customizable templates. The user can create or choose templates already available and save them the way they want inside pages, folders and dashboards. It is also possible to customize them with images, texts and spreadsheets, in addition to reordering the information the way you prefer.

The app allows you, for example, to plan a trip, write texts, take notes, keep track of habits and even manage your finances. For entrepreneurs or managers, Notion also offers facilities for managing teams, tasks and synchronous work, with special features in its paid version.

The app is available for Android and iOS, as well as a web version and apps for Mac and Windows. It is possible to save the information in the cloud and sync across all devices. Notion is not yet available in Portuguese, but, as it has customizable templates, users will be able to assemble their pages in the language they prefer.

2. Insight Timer

Moments of complete silence and concentration are productivity’s best friends, especially for those who are easily distracted. The problem is that you are not always willing or free to spend hours meditating or listening to the same mindfulness playlists. That’s why Insight Timer offers meditations, sounds and frequencies with different durations, from creators around the world, for all tastes.

The app has a free version with thousands of different meditations in several languages, including Portuguese. In the filters tab, the user will be able to choose a topic to meditate on, such as “morning routine”, “beginners” and “creativity”, and the time they intend to dedicate to the practice. It is also possible to track your progress with meditation over time.

Insight Timer is available for Android, iOS and the web version.

3. Rabit

With an intuitive and “friendly” interface, Rabit is perfect for those who cannot maintain habits with consistency and discipline or for those who want to implement something new in their routine.

Following a trend in the category, the app offers a series of habits in its free version, such as “drink x liters of water”, “meditate”, “spend time away from your cell phone” and much more, in addition to allowing you to create a personalized habit . After making the choice, the app asks the user to determine the consistency he wants to have with him and a plant to “seed” his will.

Through motivational phrases and reminders, Rabit will remind you to come back and complete that habit. The more times you complete it, based on the time and days of the week you choose, the more your chosen plant will grow within the app.

The free version of the application offers its main features. For paying users, there is the possibility to have more plant species, save progress in the cloud, set more goals and routines and have more coins to develop your “garden”.

To assist in the process, the app has a tab with a calendar, to have an overview of your month or year, a detailed history of which goals were completed, records of days in a row and which habit was most consistent.

The app is available in Portuguese and other languages, with versions for Android and iOS.

4. Reflectively

Reflectly is an app in the category of “journaling”, functioning as a kind of personal diary, but with mood tracking and other functions to make your day to day lighter.

In the free version, the user logs their mood during the day, ranging from “terrible” to “super awesome”. Then, you can choose what is influencing your mood, such as work, relationship, exercise, travel, weather, etc. At the end of the “check-in”, as the application calls the record, you can give it a title and write whatever you want about the moment.

In addition, the app has functions such as motivational phrases; a daily challenge that the user can accept or not, in order to take care of their well-being; a daily reflection, in which the app provides a sentence to be completed, such as “over time, I understood the importance of…?”; and a graphical tracking status so the user can reflect on their mood and habits over the past few days and how it impacts their life – and consequently their productivity.

The app is not yet available in Portuguese. It has versions for Android and iOS.

5. Forest

Already known to lovers of productivity applications, Forest could not be left out. Recognized as the best paid app in its category in 157 countries and the best app of 2018 and 2019 by the Apple Store, it proposes to create a “garden” for each proposed habit to be followed. The difference is that the results can be momentary or followed in the long term.

The user, when he wants to stay focused on a task, can play the Forest timer. The longer you can go without touching your phone or stopping the task, the more your “garden” grows.

Like other apps, it provides stats to track your progress. As the user collects coins – acquired for a focused time – it is also possible to donate them so that a real tree can be planted by an initiative of the app.

Forest is available in Portuguese and other languages. It costs BRL 22.90 on the Apple Store (iOS) and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store (Android).

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