Airbus A319 Plane Goes Because a Passenger Was Where He Shouldn’t

A go-around could have been avoided on a British Airways flight if a passenger had simply followed the rules.

British Airbus A319 – Marvin Mutz

The extra lap that British Airways flight BA-438 had to make before landing in Amsterdam on Thursday (5) had a rather unusual reason: a passenger was in the bathroom when the aircraft was already on final approach. .

According to the European press, the flight had departed London and proceeded normally. During the approach to Schiphol Airport, and already close to landing, the crew noticed that a passenger had not left the bathroom. As the requests for the traveler to leave were unsuccessful at first, the pilots, aware of the matter, commanded a go-around.

According to the rule, toilets must always be unoccupied during landing, take-off and turbulence procedures, as the toilet seats are not equipped with seat belts, and also because the toilet ceiling is much lower, giving greater chance to hit your head.

It was not detailed what caused the passenger to stay in the lavatory longer, but after he left, the Airbus A319 landed safely. Flight tracking tools captured the entire path of the aircraft.

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