Assistance of R$ 600 can be released by cell phone; See the step by step

Some Brazilians may have the unpleasant surprise of opening the application for consultation and simply finding Auxílio Brasil blocked. However, the situation can be easily solved by the cell phone itself.

The expectation is that more than 18 million Brazilians enrolled in CadÚnico will receive the advance payment of the benefit of R$ 600.

However, some beneficiaries found that the aid had simply been blocked without a clear justification.

But how to carry out this query?

The consultation can be carried out by families already approved in the social program through the Auxílio Brasil application itself, by telephone or in person at the CadÚnico sector of the municipality in which they reside.

This blocking can occur in two different ways, namely, the outdating of the beneficiary’s registration on the Federal Government’s registration platform, or when it is blocked for account credit.

In the latter case, the deposit has already been made and the account is released again as soon as it reaches the date predefined in the social program calendar.

In a simpler and faster way, the app allows real-time monitoring of the situation, so you can check the value of the installments to be received, whether the benefit was approved or blocked, payment date.

In any case, the Ministry of Citizenship advises that the family that had the aid blocked contact the ministry through the telephone number 121, or a responsible sector in the municipality itself, so that a solution can be found in the best way.

Assistance of R$ 600 can be released by cell phone; See the step by step

First of all, it is important that the responsible family member seeks to understand what caused the Auxílio Brasil to be blocked.

If the situation has happened exclusively due to the lack of updating of the registration in CadÚnico, the beneficiary can easily solve it only with the cell phone.

For this, it is necessary to have the new version of the Cadastro Único application installed on the mobile device.

This is because the update releases the registration update quickly and practically, through the digital app itself.

By choosing the “Update” option, the beneficiary is able to perform the registration update and confirm the data previously provided, proving that they remain the same.

However, in case of changes, such as in family income, number of members or education, it is necessary to look for a CadÚnico post in person.

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