Athletics confederation complains about possible removal of Nilton Santos track and ‘threats’ to go to the Public Ministry

the mayor’s idea Eduardo Paes to remove the track from Nilton Santos Stadiumwhich bothers John Textor for keeping the fans away from the field, generated concern and complaints from the Brazilian Confederation of Athletics (CBat). In an interview with “O Globo”, the president of the entity, Wlamir Campos, questioned the possibility.

– We want to know the formal position of the mayor and what will be done with the track. If there is an intention to withdraw, we go to the Public Ministry. It is an Olympic stadium, with a soccer field and two athletics tracks, one inside and one outside, with heating and the same floor. All built with public money – claims Wlamir, who wants a meeting with the mayor and doesn’t accept moving to another place.

– They are not movable and therefore it does not make sense to remove them. This is the best and only place in Brazil with conditions to host world championships because of the two tracks at this level. We’re talking about R$ 20 million each, just in terms of the floor and in current values. It was in her that Usain Bolt took the last Olympic “shot”, he argues.

O Botafogo remains calm and says he has not presented projects to City hallwhile the latter “has already made itself available to Botafogo to help it and waits for the club to present the project for the modernization of Nilton Santos Stadium”.

“It’s one thing to concede. Another is to change the object of public equipment. In a simple comparison, it’s like renting a house with a pool and land it to park your car. And, when leaving the property, the tenant delivers the house without a pool. Textor should bluff about leaving the site, as there is a new concession until 2051 – says Wlamir.

CBAt also complains about the value of renting the stadium for athletics, which is R$150,000 per day.

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