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Atlético-MG’s right-back, Mariano knows two of the main characters of the 2021/2022 squad well. The holder of the position praised the professional relationship with the coach Cuca – back to Galo after 7 months – and the top scorer Hulk, author of one of the goals against Palmeiras.

Cuca is already an old acquaintance of Mariano. They worked together at Fluminense, in 2009, when the Rio de Janeiro team had a 99% chance of relegation and was saved in the last round against Coritiba. Mariano almost left the Flu that year, but was rescued by the coach.

– A super good guy, who has his flaws like anyone else. But he is always wanting to help the players, the staff, everyone who works at the club. The importance of Cuca is summed up in its conquests-he said.

“Cuca, we know his greatness as a coach, the titles he won.”

Mariano in action for Atlético-MG — Photo: Pedro Souza/CAM

Atlético will face Athletico-PR this Sunday, for the Brazilian Championship. Need to react. There are two losses in a row – Corinthians and Internacional. For Mariano, it’s time for fans to be more patient, as Galo has shown recent evolution, especially in terms of intensity and creation of chances to score.

– We are making progress, good changes. What I can ask the fan is a little patience. We were charged because the team lacked intensity and quality of play. And I believe we have that again.

Regarding Hulk, in addition to having similar cultural aspects – one is from Paraíba, the other is from Pernambuco -, Mariano insisted on praising the “human” side of Atlético’s top scorer, who scored again after five games of fasting.

– Always when they ask me about the Hulk, a simple guy, huge heart. For what he’s conquered, for what he is. It is clear that the Hulk is very important on the field, but in the locker room. A super good guy, gigantic heart. On Wednesday, a goal was scored and I believe that more will come in the next games,” he commented.

“Let’s go Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

On Wednesday, Atlético opened 2-0 against Palmeiras in the Libertadores quarterfinals. In the second half, however, he conceded two goals. The first, after Scarpa’s free kick, hit the post and went straight to defender Murilo’s feet.

When the lights went out at Mineirão, the hard blow: Scarpa again, this time in the corner at the second post. Mariano talked about the goal “trained” by Palmeiras that led to equality on the scoreboard.

– In the second, seeing the image, it was something trained by Palmeiras. And Scarpa always has the ball closed on the first stick. And on the second stick, he takes the corner on the second, Dudu leaves the rebound and manages to catch a difficult ball. Dudu being a short player, who doesn’t have a good header. And he hit a header inside the area. I believe he was trained.

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