Augmented reality glasses provide real-time subtitles during conversations

Nreal, a manufacturer specializing in augmented reality glasses, has announced a new model that has a very interesting function. The XRAI glasses are capable of providing real-time subtitles during conversations, so what a person says appears as text to the wearer.

The device uses augmented reality was created by Dan Scarfe, an expert in the field. According to him, the main objective is to offer a comfortable option so that people who have total or partial hearing impairment can communicate better with others.

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XRAI Augmented Reality Glasses Helps Hearing Impaired People

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The most interesting thing is that this idea came about due to a personal situation in Dan’s own life. He noticed that his grandfather had a hard time keeping up a conversation with other family members as he is hard of hearing. Noticing this difficulty, the founder of the company decided that he would start working on a solution to this problem.

In addition to helping his own grandfather, he is also able to offer a product that can change the lives of many other people who have this type of disability, whether partial or total.

They plan to officially launch the glasses later this year, more precisely in September, but there is still no exact day for when that will happen. The founder of Nreal claims that the XRAI Glasses are just a first step towards something truly innovative.

“Let’s start with a small number to prove it, get feedback, understand what people like, what they don’t like, and quickly innovate on that. And so hopefully, if the winds are behind us, we’ll get to general availability in September.”

You need to use a smartphone as support

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To use the XRAI glasses, it needs to be connected to a personal smartphone, so the mobile device can do the transcription. This means that the glasses can capture the audio of the environment and also offer subtitles for those who wear them, but it takes a smartphone to turn this audio into subtitles. This happens through Nreal’s own app.

It also has a certain limitation for use in quieter places, that is, it may not be suitable for public places such as restaurants or parties, as there are many people talking at the same time. Their transcription service is based on Alexa’s. Still, it can be great news for many people.

Even if it is to be used indoors or in quieter places, it can be a game changer in situations like your own grandfather, for example. According to Dan, his hearing impairment was such a barrier that he even gave up trying to interact with family members and just sat there in silence.

“It’s gotten to the point now where he literally sits silently. And I thought, well, wait a second. He watches TV all the time with subtitles. Why can’t we subtitle the world?”

Some organizations that target people with hearing impairments, such as the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) and DeafKidz, have said that XRAI glasses can change many people’s lives.

Sources: euronews and XRAI

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