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As everyone who reads this column knows, I am an averse to social media. One of these days, someone told me that whatsapp is also a social network. It’s a phone for me. Nothing is more unpleasant when they put me in a group. In the past, I excluded myself from a place I didn’t enter. I currently put it in the archives and forget about it.
However, in order not to be uninformed, I am a frequent visitor to, a site that promises “Absolutely everything about news, sports and entertainment. How about staying on top of the most important news in real time?”. A spectacular environment for those who want to see and read nonsense, but at least they can choose the nonsense they are going to read.
For starters, how about this headline: “Bruaca and Alcides have last sex before the big comeback”. I imagine it to be an educational, instructive, productive and cultural subject. I even imagine that there must be images that add to the Kama Sutra. A position beyond the top 100 of the Kama Sutra. And I don’t even watch the novel.
Another: Gil do Vigor talks about fortune: “Luxury is part of my life now”. It reminds me of Joãozinho Trinta, the unforgettable (for me) carnival artist of Beija Flor, “Who likes poverty is intellectual, poor people like luxury”. Vigor came into the spotlight, but his poverty won’t let go of him.
“Monkey smallpox death in MG (Minas Gerais) is the first outside of Africa”, is the headline. This is an evidently racist association or maybe I’m a clueless person who doesn’t understand anything and I keep seeing hair on eggshells. But as it came out on Globo, everything is fine.
“Ciro Gomes indicates that, if he loses this year, he will no longer compete for the Planalto”. A news of great impact, especially for those like me, and everyone who usually reads this column, who know that Ciro said the same thing four years ago.
“Justin Tumberlake and Jessica Biel enjoy the beach with kisses and “silly hands” in Sardinia”. This is news. I wonder what percentage of Brazilians know who these two are and where that Sardinia is. I know that Inter already played there in the 1970s against the combined Olbia-Arzachenae the result was 12×0.
“Justice orders Ronaldinho Gaúcho’s assets to be pawned until he pays ex-fiancée’s pension”. This one is serious. The fashion catches on and people walk around putting on a wedding ring or engagement ring. If he arrived for Ronaldinho, he can reach anyone.
And I’m not even going to go into detail to describe the “The tomb of an elderly woman in Mexico gets an unusual giant statue”. Whoever wants to search.
It is because of news like the ones mentioned above that I prefer to write in the newspaper Tribuna do Pampa, a newspaper that is committed to regional development and that produces articles that have foundations and that deserve to be looked at. I also like to read nonsense. When I want, I go to “”.

* Originally this content was published in the printed newspaper

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