Bragantino refuses R$48 million for jewel revealed in Flamengo

The talents revealed at Ninho do Urubu continue to move the football transfer market. This Thursday (4), Red Bull Bragantino received a proposal of almost R$ 50 million for one of these jewels that appeared for football in Flamengo, but refused.

Defender Natan aroused the interest of Verona, from Italy, who offered US$ 9 million to count on the player, but received a no from the Brazilian team. Red Bull believes that Nathan will be valued even more, as he has the potential to reach the Brazilian national team.

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Natan, appeared at Flamengo in the 2001 generation. Rubro-Negro loaned the defender to Red Bull Bragantino in 2021, but with an obligation to buy in case of meeting goals. When Nathan reached the set number of games, Red Bull made the acquisition outright. Rubro-Negro received R$27 million in the deal.

Flamengo still owns 12% of Nathan’s economic rights. In case of business, Rubro-Negro can receive another jackpot. And even if you sell all your percentage, Mais Querido will continue to receive for being the training club.

At Flamengo, Natan played 18 games and scored just one goal. At Bragantino, the defender played 61 games and scored three goals.

In addition to Natan, Red Bull Bragantino has the left-back Ramon, also formed by Flamengo. With no space in the main team, Ramon preferred to be negotiated with the São Paulo team to have more chances to play.

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