CBF wants to shield refereeing and VAR from “war” declared by clubs

Bringing the referees to spend a few days in Rio for training has a technical component, but also a mental one. The interseason that ends on Friday is part of the strategy of the CBF refereeing commission to build a response to criticism – some deserved – to the performance of those who are on the field or in the cabin. Shielding is part of the plan. Also because, although he has already recognized “unacceptable” mistakes this year, the head of referees understands that there is a “war” fomented by the clubs. And just in case.

“The environment cannot be contaminated. Because there is a clear strategy on the part of many clubs to wage war off the field. And it’s not just a war with the referees. It’s a war with everything. Investment, strength, power. The referees have to step away addition, to recognize what has to be improved to put the best work possible on the field”, said Wilson Seneme, president of the commission, in an interview with UOL Esporte during training with the referees this week.

The interseason brings together a total of 95 referees. Referees, assistants and video referees were divided into groups to participate in lectures, share experiences and train both on the field and in the cockpit. Regarding VAR, the list of recent errors has wrongly drawn offside lines and even “forgetting” an offside check in capital moves.

“The meaning of the interseason is to evaluate the first semester. Within this evaluation are the meetings we had with clubs and federations. It is to transform this into instruction for the referees in the second semester. make necessary adjustments to the instruction”, explained Seneme.

The arbitration commission has been bombed in recent months. In July, there was a meeting with clubs from Series A and B at CBF. On that occasion, the presidents took the grievances directly to Semene. Some of them, days before, had directly criticized the work, such as the president of Atlético-MG, Sérgio Coelho:

In our understanding, Wilson Seneme is in the wrong place. The position does not match his posture.”

President of CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues trusts Semene and bets on a long-term job. Despite the context of tension, it does not even cross the mind of the director to change the command of national arbitration. Ednaldo, at the same time, wants the referees to be held accountable for mistakes and not to show faults in elementary situations.

A recent annoyance was with the performance of Luiz Flávio de Oliveira in Flamengo x Athletico, for the Copa do Brasil. The referee was removed, despite being one of the most experienced. The return to scales will take place after passing through the Referee Performance Assistance Program (Pada), introduced by Seneme.

“It is a concern of ours, but at the same time we have to know how to separate. What is constructive criticism for the work to improve we have to absorb”, points out the chairman of the arbitration commission.

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