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After Guilherme “Guigo”, hunter Marcos “CarioK”, from paiN Gaming’s League of Legends team, had old statements recovered and published on Twitter. In the publications, dated 2017, the player uses racist, homophobic and capableist terms. Faced with the repercussion, the athlete said he was “ashamed and sorry” for what he did in the past. In a statement, paiN declared that it was against any form of discrimination, but did not announce any punishment.

CarioK, LoL player from paiN, in a match of the 16th round of the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022 — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

After Guigo’s racist speeches came to light and RED Canids Kalunga demanded a donation of 70% of his salary to an institution that fights for racial equity, a Twitter user posted images of old CarioK tweets.

One of CarioK’s prejudiced messages in 2017 — Photo: Reproduction

In one of the messages, CarioK comments that, if the interlocutor uses a photo of a woman, “he is a faggot”, in a homophobic statement. In another, the player speaks of “disabled monkey gang” – racist and ableist terms.

In a statement on Twitter after the backlash of the messages, CarioK wrote:

“I am very ashamed and sorry for what I did in the past and today I know those words mean many things. I wanted to apologize to my family, my fans and everyone who was offended.

In a note, paiN Gaming expressed itself like this:

— paiN Gaming repudiates any form of racial, sexual, religious discrimination or prejudice. We always strive to learn lessons and contribute to making our community an increasingly healthy environment.

CarioK has been part of paiN since May 2020 and has a Brazilian Championship title (CBLOL) in his career, that of the 1st Split of 2021. In the 2nd Split of CBLOL 2022, currently in progress, paiN is already classified for the playoffs. There are still two rounds to go before the qualifying round ends.

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