Change the look: Want to change the look and are afraid? Check out these tips

Who has never been hit by the desire to radicalize the look that throws the first comb. People separate references of colors and cuts, go against the advice of the hairdresser, and often take a risk trying to renew their hair even at home.

The result you must imagine. In addition to frustration and spending a lot of time without looking for a hairdresser, many do everything to make it grow as quickly as possible or spend a period trying to hide their new look – hair is always tied back. If you’ve been through this, you’re not the only one. Jennifer Aniston confessed that he regretted cutting his locks in the Chanel style, while making the series friendsand did everything to make him grow up as quickly as possible.

So, although it may seem harmless to cut a fringe or change the color, all in a very radical way, check out these tips that I have separated, they will help you when making that decision.

Assess the need for change

try to understand what are the reasons that led you to want another style. While it’s great to revamp your look, it’s imperative that you’re doing it for the right reasons, that is, because you want to. Don’t try something radical if you’ve ended a relationship – believe me, it’s common for this to happen and a good chat with your hairdresser will help at this point.

separate the references

Before the change, separate references of colors and cuts that you like. Try to evaluate what you like best in these selected options, so it’s easier to know what you don’t give up. For example, he likes the long one, like the singer’s locks Simaria Mendes? So have these models. But it is worth remembering that You need to choose the ones that match your skin tone.. This will make all the difference, especially in coloring.

don’t do it at home

It looks easy to trim the ends at home or touch up the color, but it can actually ruin your hair. At home the results are unpredictable and in some cases it can’t be fixed. In the salon, the professional will have the correct tools and will also use the most appropriate techniques, to make you powerful, like the actress Flavia Alessandra.

The importance of visagism

We have already talked about visagism in this link. Talk to a professional and explain what you would like to do and what image you want to convey. Based on this information and on the analysis of your physical characteristics, such as features, personal coloring, etc., he will propose some alternatives that will enhance and highlight the best you have.

change little by little

Do you have long hair and want to bet on a bob? Even if the cut looks great on you, it can be difficult to adapt due to such a change. To avoid awkwardness and even regrets, as happened with the actress Jennifer Aniston, how about starting by decreasing the length of the highlights gradually?! This goes for color too, you don’t have to go from dark brown to platinum overnight. Investing in a gradual change in addition to being less challenging, still helps to keep the wires healthier and more beautiful.

take care of the highlights

It won’t do any good to do a coloring with the best professional, in the best salon, using the best products if your wires are not healthy, because the result will never be 100%. In addition, dry hair has more difficulty retaining the pigment, making the color last much less. So run to the salon and ask your hairdresser for a treatment, including indications of what you can use at home. That way, you leave the strands strengthened and beautiful, like the actress’s Tais Araújo. And this will reflect positively on your cut and coloring.

In this video I give tips on how to choose the ideal hair length for you:

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