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After the deterioration in relations between Beijing and Washington, exacerbated by the trip of the US House Speaker to Taiwan, China announced on Friday (5) that it decided to end a series of cooperation between the country and the United States in areas such as changes climate change, drug policy and military partnerships.

The Chinese promised to adopt a series of measures to punish the US for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island, which Beijing considers part of its territory.

The actions began with a series of military exercises held at six points along the Taiwanese coast, which are expected to continue through Sunday. Taiwan Defense said missiles were even launched over the island.

China announces sanctions against US House Speaker

China announces sanctions against US House Speaker

China has traditionally protested that the self-governing province maintains contacts with foreign governments, but reaction to Pelosi’s visit has reached unprecedented levels, including the severing of ties in a number of areas deemed critical.

The world’s two most polluting nations pledged last year to accelerate climate action this decade, with regular bilateral meetings to tackle the climate crisis together.

With relations between Beijing and Washington deteriorating to the lowest level in recent years, this and other agreements are under threat.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the dialogue between the regional military commanders and the Departments of Defense will be canceled, as well as the talks on maritime military security.

Cooperation for the return of illegal immigrants, criminal investigations, transnational crimes, as well as joint actions against drugs will also be suspended.

China accuses the government of Joe Biden of attacking its sovereignty, although the president has no authority over the trip of a leader of the legislature.

The Chinese reactions came ahead of the Communist Party of China congress, where President Xi Jinping is expected to receive a third five-year term to lead the government.

With the country’s economy struggling, the ruling party reinforced its nationalist tone and launched daily attacks on the Taiwan government, which refuses to recognize the province as part of China, in order to solidify the population’s support.

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