ChromeOS Update Brings Dark Theme for Quick System Settings

Google has been working on the system-wide dark theme for Chrome OS for some time now. This year, the feature began to become available to users of stable versions of the software. However, it appeared as a hidden function and that looks like it will change with an update to the latest version 104.

The company recently released version 104.05112.83 among the stable ones and it brings the possibility to trigger the dark theme through a button. Previously, it was necessary to activate the feature with flags. However, it will no longer be necessary to do this with the newer model of the operating system.

Along with this novelty, the new ChromeOS 104 also brings a new look to the calendar, which allows the user to see all the events of any day of the year and also open the Google Calendar PWA. Additionally, the update introduces an apps tray that doesn’t take up the entire screen.

And it doesn’t stop there, as there is also an update for the gallery, which is more complete and can even open PDF files. Not only that, but there are also new wallpapers and an app that lets you use Google Photos images to display on your Chromebook’s home screen.

Lastly, ChromeOS will now handle new notifications a little differently. In this way, it will group those that come from the same source and will give greater possibilities of actions for the alerts.

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