Cowardly massacre exposes Vélez Sarsfield to serious (and deserved) sanction

Neither the brilliant Flamengo, nor the raçudo Palmeiras.

In the opinion of the column, the main fact of the trip to the quarterfinals of the Libertadores was the massacre of Vélez Sarsfield fans to the Talleres guests at the José Amalfitani Stadium, in Buenos Aires, the day before yesterday (3).

It was the biggest episode of violence in Argentine football in Libertadores since the attack by River Plate fans on the Boca Juniors players’ bus in the final of the 2018 edition, which had to be sent to Madrid.

The column has insisted since March that the atmosphere of Argentine football is highly warlike, even for a country sadly accustomed to savagery.

Vélez beat Talleres 1-0 when the beating started, still at half-time.

In a specific sector (the Plateia Norte Alta) of the crowded stadium, about 350 guests of Talleres players and managers were surrounded and lynched by “barra bravas” by Velez.

What happened was very serious. And the match went on normally, even with Talleres’ bench absorbed and worried about what was happening.

As in a grotesque movie, Vélez extended the score to 2 to 0. And Talleres, scared by the beating, looked for 2 to 2 and lost at the last minute. Vélez’s final 3-2 victory crowned Argentina’s best game of the year, but it makes no sense to talk about football after such barbarism.

There were around 2,500 Talleres fans at José Amaltifani. The atmosphere before, during and after the match was friendly among “common fans” on both sides. Including the “official bars”.

The big problem was with a “dissident bar” of Vélez, violent people who seek power on the basis of the blow.

With the connivance of security, who simply crossed their arms, they invaded the sector where Talleres’ guests were and began the beating. “It was a massacre. All armed”, summarized Andrés Fassi, president of Talleres.

The return game, next Wednesday in Cordoba, would initially have 10,000 Vélez fans, but there was an obvious setback. Only Talleres fans will fill the 57,000 seats at the Mario Kempes Stadium, one of the best equipped in the Argentine countryside.

The city of Cordoba is 649 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

veel - YouTube Playback - YouTube Playback

Scenes of the attacks in Vélez x Talleres by Libertadores

Image: YouTube reproduction

Went to see the game. You run the risk of losing your eye

There is a huge climate of indignation in Argentina. Portals and TVs treat what happened as “war” and “battle”. Celsa Ramírez, a Buenos Aires inspector who works to combat violence in stadiums, is in charge of the investigation to rigorously punish Vélez Sarsfield – who, it is worth mentioning, will face the winner of Flamengo x Corinthians if the advantage of the first game persists.

According to her, the punishments would be to close the sector where the aggressions took place or even the entire stadium.

Conmebol has so far not commented on the “Liniers massacre”. The growing indignation in Argentina demands something more than the repeated fines that have been applied since the first phase – then, for cases of racism.

Vélez’s defense is unconvincing. The club’s president, Sergio Rapisarda, preferred to attack the speech of Andrés Fassi, representative of Talleres. Instead of explaining what happened, he snapped: “What he said is not up to our club. The imbalance is not good for society.”

Rapisarda, who preaches “balance”, promised to have a private conversation with the president of Talleres to explain what actually happened.

Explanations are more than necessary. The son of a Talleres leader is at risk of losing his sight after having his eye cowardly punched.

There are seven inmates in Buenos Aires after Liniers’ beating. Two are in serious condition, according to Fassi, president of Talleres.

And one runs the risk of losing the eye. For watching a football game.

very serious. And too revolting.

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