Different genres in movie premieres

The premieres in cinemas feature Brazilian and foreign films. From France comes “Tralala”, a musical comedy starring actor Mathieu Amalric. Directed by brothers Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, it follows a street musician who, after meeting an enigmatic woman, ends up going to the city of Lourdes, in southwest France. There he meets Lili (Josiane Balasko), a lady who claims he is her missing son for 20 years.
Another French film that opens is the thriller “Desaparecidos”, by Denis Dercourt. A French forensic expert goes to Seoul (South Korea) to present her work. There she meets a detective who asks for her help in the investigation of a crime, which may be linked to international organ trafficking.
In “Bullet Train”, Brad Pitt is a hired assassin. He and other criminals end up on the fastest train track in Japan. Gradually, everyone discovers that they have connected goals. The cast of this production is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King and Sandra Bullock. This film, which mixes action and humor, is directed by David Leitch (USA).

BRAZILIANS. The comedy “O Palestrante”, by Marcelo Antunez, features Fábio Porchat as an accountant fired and abandoned by his fiancée. Without finding a direction in life, he is mistaken for Marcelo, a famous speaker. In an impulse of someone who has nothing to lose, he takes the place of this Marcelo, not knowing that he is a motivational speaker hired to cheer up the employees of Denise’s (Dani Calabresa) company.
Marieta Severo plays a divorced mother in “Aos Nosso Filhos”, directed by Maria de Medeiros. She lives a generation gap in the family.
The documentary “Sapato 36” presents floodplain football in a neighborhood in Recife. The direction is by Petronio Lorena.

With a playful language, “Além da Lenda – O Filme” brings characters from national folklore to children, such as Saci. Directed by Marília Mafé and Marcos França, the animated feature from Pernambuco has the voices of Gabriel Leone and Hugo Bonemer in the dubbing and expands the stories of the eponymous program.

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