Dorival stay in Flamengo in 2023? Braz responds in press conference

The presentation by Chilean Erick Pulgar paid off in Flamengo. After the midfielder’s press conference at CT Ninho do Urubu, football vice president Marcos Braz gave a press conference alongside executive director Bruno Spindel and spoke about various subjects. Among these, the possible permanence of Dorival Junior in the technical command of the club in 2023.

As the team is evolving in the season, Braz was asked if there is already any movement at the club to keep Dorival next year. In addition, a reporter asked if the coach would only stay in Gávea if he raised some expression in the second semester.

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Marcos was a mystery about the status of a possible negotiation to keep Dorival, but stated that the coach will not need to win any trophies to have his contract extended.

”Regarding Dorival. My relationship with him is the best possible, wonderful. At the right time, when Flamengo understands that they have to talk to him, he will do it. If he understands that he has to talk to us, he can do it too. He meets me every day, he meets the president and Bruno Spindel every day. His permanence is not conditioned to this (winning titles). It is not conditioned to anything at all,” said Braz.

Dorival talked about staying at Flamengo in an interview with SBT

During participation in the Arena SBT program, led by presenter Benjamin Back, the coach confirmed Braz’s version and said that he has not yet talked to Flamengo’s board about a contract renewal for the next season.

“It never crossed my mind to question them in this sense of renewal. It doesn’t even make sense. I have a contract and I will respect it until the end of the year. But in football, heaven and hell are a hand apart. And in a club the size of Flamengo, this is even bigger”, he said.

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