‘Eduardo e Mônica’, by René Sampaio, can compete for the Oscar 2023

posted on 05/08/2022 15:14

Monica (Alice Braga) and Gabriel Leone (Eduardo) embraced. – (credit: Eduardo and Mônica/Disclosure)

the long Eduardo and Monica, by director René Sampaio from Brasilia, could reach the 2023 Oscars if the commission of the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and Visual Arts appoints the production. The film arrived on Globoplay last Friday (7/29) and is the leader of the most watched list on the platform, followed by Seriously, mom! and Monica’s gang: bows. Completed since 2020, Eduardo and Monica premiered in Brazilian cinemas only in January 2022 and has won awards from renowned international festivals.

For the director and the entire team, the insistence on waiting for the pandemic moment to pass, or at least improve, was crucial to being able to release the film in theaters. Many offers were made by companies that wanted to obtain the exclusivity of the film in streaming, but René Sampaio was determined that the best way for the premiere of Eduardo and Monica it was the movies. For him, streaming can disperse the viewer at any time, while in the cinema, the person only leaves the room if the film is very bad.

That said, after waiting for almost two years, the feature managed to premiere very successfully in the first half and is now available on Globoplay, where it is framed as the most watched film in the last week and has high expectations to compete for the Oscar 2023. Before it even debuted, Eduardo and Monica went through the Miami International Film Festival and Edmonton, Canada. In the latter, the production won the award for Best Film. With exhibitions in France, Portugal, the United States and others, Eduardo and Monica it excites the public and leaves great expectations for the Academy’s nomination for an Oscar.

This is the second time that René works with the producer Bianca De Felippes, once again in a film inspired by the songs of Renato Russo. Eduardo and Monica, as in the lyrics of the song, tells the story of two young people who meet, randomly, at a party in Brasília in the 1980s. The two fall in love and have to deal with their differences. Eduardo (Gabriel Leone) is the grandson of a conservative. Monica (Alice Braga) daughter of a political exile. He was still young and inexperienced, she was always one step ahead. The personality conflict leads both to need to mature to live with each other.

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