Ellen Pompeo will have a reduced role on Grey’s Anatomy from the 19th grade

Grey’s Anatomy will undergo a sudden change in season 19, with Ellen Pompeo reducing its screen presence from the next year of the series, according to the deadline. The reason for the change is the casting of the actress in the new series of Hulu, Orphan, in which she will also serve as an executive producer.

According to the report, Pompeo will be present in eight episodes of the season (which will supposedly run for 22 chapters) but will continue to serve as narrator and executive producer. The decision is part of a move by Pompeo to diversify projects.

Late last year, Pompeo said he was trying to convince everyone that Grey’s Anatomy should be shut down. In the past two seasons, the actress has had a minor role in the production, having spent part of her 17th year in a coma and being in Minnesota for much of her 18th.

Started in 2005, Grey’s Anatomy follows the routine of a group of doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Created by Shonda Rhimes, the series has run for over 400 episodes and stars Ellen Pompeo.

In Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy is available for streaming on multiple platforms, including Prime Video, Globoplay and Star+.

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