Felipão makes VAR ‘gesture’ after Athletico draw

Athletico coach Luiz Felipe Scolari got angry at a press conference given after the team’s draw with Estudiantes, in a game valid for the first leg of the Libertadores quarterfinals that ended 0-0.

Asked about the possibilities of his team advancing to the semifinals of the tournament with the intensity applied in tonight’s duel, Felipão rejected the intervention of VAR, which annulled a penalty for the Brazilian team in the 1st half.

“If the intensity is reached in the last 25 minutes or in almost every game and if we manage, with that intensity, to win in La Plata? It depends”, he began when talking about next week’s confrontation in Argentina, which decides who advances to the next stage.

At this point, the coach made the characteristic gesture of VAR to journalists and reaffirmed the ironic message.

“It depends. Understand well: it depends”, concluded Felipão while making a rectangle with his fingers, a characteristic gesture that field judges make for an analysis in the video.

controversial bid

Felipão’s complaint refers to a bid that took place in the 1st half. In the 24th minute, Athletico even had a penalty scored by referee Jesús Valenzuela.

Khellven made a long shot towards Cuello and, to avoid the goal kick, the forward headed towards the middle of the area. With the deflection, the ball hit Godoy’s left arm.

Quickly, the referee signaled the penalty, but was called by VAR, commanded by Julio Bascuñan, to review the bid. After analyzing in the booth, the referee annulled the appointment and infuriated the fans present at the Arena da Baixada.

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