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Nubank is recognized for being among the largest fintechs in all of Latin America focused on offering financial services. Thus, the digital bank currently has millions of customers. One of the reasons why Nubank is popular is because of the innovations it presents.

In addition, some fintech promotional campaigns can attract the public’s attention. Thus, much has been said lately about the supposed prize draws that the fintech would be carrying out, with prizes that could reach R$ 300 thousand. Who can participate in the campaign to compete for values?

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Nubank promotion has sweepstakes

First of all, Nubank is responsible for promoting several raffles that can reach the value of R$ 10 thousand. In this way, it must be said that the sweepstakes are part of the new promotion, which is called “Tudo no Roxinho”.

Therefore, those interested should know that it is still possible to participate. Although the campaign started in May, it is scheduled to last until August 31.

The operation of the promotion is as follows: the Nubank customer must access the initial menu of the bank’s application. Once this is done, he should locate the credit card area. When accessing it, it will be necessary to identify the “Tudo no Roxinho” tab.

Then the customer must read and, if in agreement, accept the terms and conditions of the promotion. That’s the next step. Thus, to confirm, you only need to enter the standard 4-digit password and the participation will begin.

The campaign participant will receive 3 objectives, which he must fulfill in order for him to receive the promotion tickets. In this way, each goal achieved will result in the customer receiving numerical tickets. These, in turn, will be responsible for ensuring that the customer is able to participate in the sweepstakes. However, it is important to note that the number of tickets may vary according to the goal.

The first target will give 1 number, while the second target will release 5. However, the third target is expected to release 10 numbers. The total number will therefore be 16.

Nubank can vary which goals must be met based on the customer’s profile. For this, factors such as, for example, the pre-approved limit of the card can be taken into account.

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R$ 300 thousand prize draw

According to the draw calendar, there will be 4 draw dates for the R$10,000 prizes.

However, two of these four draws have already taken place, which took place, respectively, on June 18 and July 20.

However, customers will still have two more chances, both in August. Check the draw dates below:

1) August 17, 2022;

2) August 20, 2022.

Regarding the first date, the calculation will take place at 3 pm on August 19. However, the fourth and final draw, scheduled to take place on 08/20, will be determined on August 23 at the same time.

At the end of the campaign, Nubank will make a last draw, which will pay a prize in the total amount of R$ 300 thousand.

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