Freer on the field at Atltico, Hulk praises Cuca: ‘Very smart’

Hulk praised Cuca in the Atl
photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press

Hulk praised Cuca in the Atlantic

Freer on the field at Atltico, Hulk praised coach Cuca. Galo’s idol referred to one of the greatest coaches in the club’s history as “a very smart guy”.

According to Hulk, Cuca asked shirt 7 to be more free on the field. That’s how the striker had a great first half in the draw with Palmeiras, in Mineiro, for the Copa Libertadores. He also contributed a penalty goal in the duel.

“Cuca knows the players very well, knows everyone’s characteristics. He asked me to be more relaxed, where I play more, I look for the ball. I tried to do that. We are gaining confidence”, he said.

“I always like to touch the ball, receive, touch, participate, it makes me more connected to the match. I hope to continue improving even more”, he added.

Then Hulk praised Cuca a lot. The shirt 7 believes that the coach will know how to deal with the frustration caused by the draw with Palmeiras and guide the group “upwards”.

“He’s a very experienced, intelligent guy. He knows how to deal with this situation, he knows how to lift the team up. Of course, it’s a bit of a bitter result, but we can’t let ourselves get down. very good, the collective was very strong. We hope it will be a crescent”, concluded Hulk.

Atltico and Palmeiras will meet again at 9:30 pm next Wednesday (10), at Allianz Parque, in So Paulo. To advance to the semifinals, Hulk’s team must win. In case of a new tie, the decision will take place on penalties.

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