Goal will train 50,000 Brazilians in IT areas free of charge

Meta announced yesterday (3) that it intends to train 50,000 Brazilians in technologies in the areas of cloud, digital marketing and technologies for the metaverse by 2023. The priority will be people trained in public schools, women, black people and people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

For now, only the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Goiás, Pernambuco, Alagoas and Amazonas will be part of the project, which should take place at Portal Tech, a partnership with Amazon Web Services.

The prerequisites for participating are: having attended high school in a public school and living in one of the 17 cities where the vocational school proz Education has physical units or local partnerships for the use of computers. You also need to apply to try to secure your spot.

How will the courses be?

The program will have two phases. The first, starting on August 20, aims to train 25,000 people on AWS cloud fundamentals. Another 25,000 will have access to free basic courses in augmented reality (Spark AR) and digital marketing on Meta’s Blueprint platform.

Those who complete initial training and demonstrate an interest in working with these technologies will move on to the second phase. 2,000 students will be selected.

Those chosen will graduate in Introduction to Programming in an online and in-person course focused on technical skills, such as introduction to Javascript programming, introduction to web services, Node JS and databases.

Students will then be divided into two groups: 1,000 of those in programming will specialize in cloud computing and participate in a prep course for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

The other thousand will have advanced training in digital marketing and technologies for the metaverse and will take a preparatory course to obtain certifications on the Meta Blueprint platform.

The certifications will be delivered free of charge to half of those classified, according to their performance in the course, and all will receive support in creating their resumes and preparing for job interviews.

They will also be connected to job opportunities at AWS and Meta client and partner companies that have openings in cloud, technologies for the metaverse and digital marketing.

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