Google deletes 17 apps that used to steal passwords

Find out what to do to protect yourself from apps that can steal personal information like passwords and bank details.

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The Google Play Store deleted 17 apps from its store that had the potential to compromise users’ devices with banking malware. The removed apps were from the productivity and utilities category.

Document scanner applications, VPN services, QR code readers and flame recorders have been identified by security firm Trend Micro. Malware is the name given to malicious computer programs, popularly known as viruses.

The purpose of these programs, most of the time, is always to steal data from internet users through their devices. It does not stop there. They are also responsible for advertising inappropriate advertisements and accessing personal information.

Check Apps Deleted From Google Play Store For Stealing Password

Just as there is a risk of scams on websites and pages made available on social networks, people can find malicious apps in official stores. However, users who have Android devices can rest assured that the following apps have been removed:

  • Call Recorder;
  • Call Recorder Pro+;
  • Conquer Darkness;
  • Crypto Utils;
  • Document Scanner;
  • Document Scanner Pro;
  • Eagle Photo Editor;
  • Extra Cleaner;
  • FixCleaner;
  • Just In: Video Motion;
  • Lucky Cleaner;
  • VPN Rooster;
  • Simple Cleaner;
  • Super Cleaner;
  • Unicc QR Scanner;
  • Universal Saver Pro (two versions).

How to protect yourself from apps that can steal personal data

To protect yourself from viruses for Android or any other operating system, the correct thing is that the user only seeks to download known programs. There are pages that share information about applications and platforms, gathering reviews, advantages and disadvantages, helping Internet users to discover what is dangerous and what is not.

In addition, it is important to always keep an antivirus active and updated inside the device. Google is also always running a store scan to prevent digital threats from spreading easily.

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Image: Tero Vesalainen /

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