Google Play Store now hides the version number of apps

In the Google Play Store, an app’s version number is no longer visible. Instead, we simply have the last update date. An extremely curious choice on the part of Google that thus removes valuable information from the user.

Sometimes Google makes curious, even mind-boggling choices. The choice of day falls into this category. These are apps from the Play Store.

On Android’s Google Play Store, just go to a software page and tap “about the app” or “about this game” to see the app number. This is no longer possible, this mention simply does not exist.

Such a change seems, at the moment, to only concern the beta version of the store in its American version, as users can always see this information in Europe. However, it should disappear soon.

As of now, the only valid information about the app’s tracking is the last update date displayed at the top. Please note that on the web version of the Play Store, the version number is still displayed for Americans.

The reason for this removal was not reported by Google as users discovered it by chance. This is all the more surprising because Google is trying at all costs to fight fake apps.

Removing the version number therefore removes a tool from the user. It remains to wait for a statement from the company.

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