Have you seen this? Brusque coach interrupts Ygor Catatau interview after disallowed goal | Brazilian series b

Brusque’s disallowed goal not only left the fans outraged at the Augusto Bauer Stadium. The technical commission of the Santa Catarina team was also very unhappy with the referee’s decision in the match against Sampaio Corrêa, valid for the 22nd round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, on Thursday night.

After complaining to referee Leonilson Fernandes Trigueiro Filho at the end of the game, coach Luan Carlos interrupted Ygor Catatau’s interview with SporTV, questioning if the bid would be shown (check it out in the video above). The attacker asked for respect.

– Aren’t they going to say anything about the cool goal? Talk about the cool goal – said the commander of Quadricolor.

Luan Carlos interrupts Ygor Catatau’s interview — Photo: Reproduction

In the 33rd minute of the second half, Patrick swung the net in favor of Quadricolor, but the assistant raised the flag and marked offside. The move was reviewed by VAR, and the referee disallowed the goal afterwards. At Central do Apito, Sálvio Spínola disagreed with the decision.

– It’s computer graphics, and VAR doesn’t have the credibility in Brazilian football. That’s the problem. We look at the line being made. Then take Patrick’s head with the ball to do the computer graphics and identify. From the picture, it even seems to me behind the ball line. And from CGI, the red line is Patrick and the blue line is the ball. The VAR considered Patrick up front, but it seems to me to be on the same line. One is overlapping the other – said the Grupo Globo commentator.

VAR ruled out Brusque’s goal – Photo: Premiere

With the tie, the two teams added one point in the leaderboard. Sampaio Corrêa reached 29 and was in eighth place. Brusque, with 25, is 14th.

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