How do you hold your cell phone? Test surprises by revealing your personality

A new personality test has surprised internet users across the country and around the world. After all, it shows that the way you hold your cell phone can be more revealing than you might think. Divided into four forms, each of them demonstrates different traits of the human personality.

The challenge was first published by the Indian website Jagran Josh, but it soon had repercussions and gained great strength on the internet. Users who tried to better understand the personality were amazed at the results that the way of holding the cell phone was able to provide.

Learn a little more about your personality. Image: Disclosure

Does personality test really work?

In a practical way, personality tests work based on patterns of behavior. They use subsidies from various scientific studies to understand how each profile of a human being behaves.

Details like the way you hold your smartphone can be more revealing than you might think. However, of course there are exceptions and only a trained professional would be able to analyze all the details of the situation. Still, a personality test can point out interesting questions and help people improve on what they dislike.

Learn how to take the new personality test with your cell phone

The new personality test uses the way you hold your phone to provide data about your personality. Check the possible results:

1 – Do you hold your cell phone with just one hand?

People who hold their phone with just one hand and move theirs with their thumb tend to be more confident. The research pointed out by the Indian website says that it is a relaxed and cheerful personality.

There is a strong ability to accept the reality of life and to feed one’s own internal energy to pursue personal achievements.

2 – Two hands to hold and thumb to navigate

There are people who use both hands to hold the cell phone, but navigate with the thumb of only one of them. In this case, the test indicates that he is an intelligent individual with great wisdom, in addition to having the power of empathy well developed. For these reasons, they are people who easily get along with others.

3 – Do you use both hands and both thumbs?

There are also smartphone users who use two hands to hold and two thumbs to navigate the screen. They are quick and analytical individuals who accept many challenges in life. It can be said that this is a typical characteristic of people with great ability.

4 – Hold with one hand and move with the other

Finally, the fourth way to use the cell phone analyzed in the personality test is the one in which one hand holds the phone and the index finger of the other navigates through it. It is usually a common mode among older people who are not in such a hurry to use technology. The challenge also reveals a more shy and withdrawn personality, at least at first glance, as they can show a certain “selective confidence”.

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