How to see the translation of the lyrics of the song on Spotify

Anyone who loves listening to music will be pleased to know that it is possible see the translation of the lyrics on Spotify. With the feature enabled, you can follow translated lyrics in real-time while a song is played on the streaming app.

Best of all, the function is native to Spotify itself. Then just open the lyrics of the song in another language to view the translated excerpts. Next, learn how to see the translation of the lyrics of the song on Spotify.

  1. Open the Spotify app on mobile;
  2. Put on a song to play;
  3. Drag the screen up and tap “Lyrics”;
  4. Tap the translation button in the lower left corner;
  5. The translated letter appears below each excerpt in the original language.
Tap the button to see translated lyrics on Spotify in real time (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

To stop the translated lyrics on Spotify, tap the translate button again (the icon will have an X at the top) to continue displaying only the original lyrics.

If you find any excerpt that is not translated correctly, you can still report a problem using the flag button, in the upper right corner, under the option “A part of the lyrics is wrong”.

Stop the translated lyrics or report translation errors on Spotify (Screenshot: Caio Carvalho)

Can I see translated lyrics on Spotify web, PC or Android?

Not. For now, the feature to see translated lyrics on Spotify is only available on the iPhone (iOS) app. The other versions of Spotify should receive the functionality soon.

Why can’t I see translated lyrics on Spotify?

Make sure your Spotify app runs the latest version. Also, some songs in other languages ​​may not have been translated yet. The trick is to open the music from time to time and check for new updates.

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