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How was the debut of 5G in SP

The “pure” 5G arrived in São Paulo this Thursday (4).

The connection icon shown on the cell phone is the same, but the connection of the “standalone” technology, on the new 3.5 GHz frequency, proved to be faster than the “impure” 5G connection, which uses the 4G frequency.

in numbers: in tests carried out by Sheetwith a Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, the speeds of the official version of 5G exceeded ten times the previous version.

  • The download speed of “pure” 5G ranged from 300 and 400 Mbps (megabits per second), while that of “impure” reached 36.4 Mbps, considered a low value even for 4G.

  • Download speed determines how long data takes to download from the internet.

Can improve: “pure” 5G promises an average speed of 1 Gbps (gigabit per second), ten times greater than the predecessor, reaching 20 Gbps.

  • For this, the more antennas, the better, given the lower range of the 3.5GHz frequency. In São Paulo, operators installed and registered around 1,400 of them, almost triple the minimum required by Anatel.

The number of antennas also influences the technology’s latency (time to transfer data from one point to another), one of the great advances promised by 5G for industry, medicine, etc.

  • In the tests, the lowest value reached was 13 ms (milliseconds), while the technology’s promise is to deliver latency up to 1 month.

  • For coverage to be broad, of quality and with low latency, companies need to build, on average, ten times more antennas in relation to the park installed in the country.

Do you live in São Paulo or in one of the other four capitals with access to fifth-generation technology? See if you need to change SIM cards, plan and which cell phones are compatible.

Stock market returns to blue after Copom

The Brazilian stock exchange differed from the warm day outside and closed this Thursday (4) at a high of 2.04%, at 105,892 points, the highest level since June 9. The dollar retreated 1.02%, the BRL 5.22.

The rise made the Ibovespa return to a positive level in 2022.

What explains: market analysts interpreted the Copom’s Wednesday (3) communiqué as meaning that interest rate hikes stopped here.

  • The Central Bank committee cited uncertainties and announced that it will “assess” a 0.25 point advance in the Selic in September.

  • The forecast of stability in interest rates led to a purchase movement towards assets more linked to the performance of the domestic economy and which had been suffering a lot during the year.

In numbers: national retail giants Magazine Luiza and Via shot 13.99% and 12.73%, respectively. The Méliuz discount coupon company jumped 15.04%. Gol aerial rose 14.81%and the construction company MRV, 12.73%.

  • Just like the day before, the price of oil fell this Thursday to pre-war levels. In the early evening, the Brent barrel receded 3.55%at US$ 93.34 (R$ 490).

More about financial markets:

Bradesco recorded net income of BRL 7.041 billion in the second quarter, an increase of 11.4% compared to the same period in 2021. The result was influenced by the expansion of the loan portfolio.

  • The default rate over 90 days, an indicator that the market looks at with a magnifying glass in bank balance sheets, ended June in 3.5%against 2.5% in June of last year and 3.2% in March of this year.

take a break

  • To watch: “Bad Boys and Billionaires – India”, available on Netflix

The documentary series shows how Indian tycoons corrupted institutions to form their empires and how they were overthrown for the same reasons.

The Netflix production tells the story of the former tycoons in three one-hour episodes:

  • Vijay Mallya: known as “Rei da Farra”, he made his fortune with aviation companies and the beer sector. He even bought a Formula 1 team, Force India, but saw his empire crumble with debt and suspicions of money laundering.

  • Nirav Modi: created a luxury jewelry brand and aimed to make it the “Indian Tiffany”. With an obscure background as to where the money came from, he is accused of being the protagonist of India’s biggest corporate fraud.

  • Subrata Roy: founder and president of Sahara India Pariwar, which became one of the largest companies in the country, with over 1 million employees. The company is accused of involving more than 30 million Indians in a financial pyramid scheme.

In addition to the economy:

  • My Collective Unconscious: new podcast season brings characters from shows like ‘Girls’, ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Euphoria’ to the couch; listen up.

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