Intel’s Meteor Lake CPU Line May Have Been Delayed to 2024

Reports indicate that TSMC is having difficulties producing the new lineup of GPU components.

Promised to make its official debut in 2023, Intel’s Meteor Lake lineup of CPUs — the 14th Gen from Core producers — may arrive only in 2024. According to information from Trend Force, the main reason for this would be the GPU component of new processorswhose production would have been postponed by the TSMC foundry.

The Meteor Lake line promises to be the company’s first to adopt a chiplet model and the Intel 4 process, with 7 nanometer lithography. While the company’s engineers handle most of the process, TSMC — which already produces the Arc-line GPUs — will be responsible for the GPU component of the new products, which will be based on a 3 nanometer process.

According to Trend Force, the Taiwan-based foundry is facing some problems starting mass production of componentswhich is not expected to start until the end of 2023. With that, Intel would be forced to review its release schedule, which has already suffered some recent blows — the Sapphire Rapids line for servers was also recently delayed.

Meteor Lake Line has already suffered other delays

The Meteor Lake line and the Intel 4 process were announced by Intel CEO Pat Gessinger earlier this year. The company’s initial forecast was to start mass production of the components in 2022.but some issues had already forced her to anticipate that this would only happen in early 2023.

The most recent delay would force the company to have to extend the life of the Raptor Lake line, which should start hitting stores later this year. A solution to this would be to bet on offering models with more varied characteristics, including a greater number of options prepared for work with intense overclocks.

Until the moment it is unknown what were the reasons that would have forced TSMC to postpone its mass productionbut this may be related to the complexity of the new design of the Meteor Lake line. When the new CPUs were revealed to the public, Intel promised that it will bring frequencies at least 20% higher than current Alder Lake modelswithout this representing an increase in energy consumption.


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Source: PC Gamer, Trend Force

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