Isaquias cites “adverse wind” as the biggest rival in the World Cup | canoeing

The Brazilian Isaquias Queiroz found an unusual opponent at the Canoe Sprint World Championship in Darthmont, Canada. After the adrenaline had passed through his first two competitions, the Olympic champion chose the “adverse wind” as the most dangerous enemy in the event. With an eye on the title of the C1 500 meters, a race which he has already qualified for the final, the Bahian is also looking for gold in the C1 1000 meters, a race for which he still needs to go through the semifinals.

+ Isaquias Queiroz guarantees a spot in the canoeing World Cup final
+ Isaquias will have to go through the semi of C1 1.000m

Isaquias Queiroz at the Canadian Canoe World Cup — Photo: Camilo Pinheiro Machado

The finals will be broadcast live on sportv 2 on Saturday and Sunday. Isaquias, who has 12 medals in World Cups, hopes that the weather will be on his side over the weekend.

– In the final, I hope the wind is in my favor – wishes the Brazilian with a smile. – I already knew it would be windy here. In the beginning it came from left to right, but in the final half of the race the wind came from the front. On the first start, I got burned, so I was afraid of getting burned again, being disqualified and I ended up taking a hold. And then at the end of a gas, but I held it too – he explained.

Isaquias now hopes to adapt once and for all to the Darthmont water to be ready for the finals.

Brazilian felt at home at the Canadian Canoeing World Cup — Photo: Camilo Pinheiro Machado

– Now it’s time to rest. (…) If you prepare for a year to catch a different wind, from left to right, it harms, and it would even be the case of thinking: “You can go, I’ll go slowly to get there”. Because it’s very difficult to get to the opposite side. (…) But even so, I can row well with this adverse wind, the boat is also very well, stable in the water – he pointed out.

Despite the concern with the event, Isaquias Queiroz said he felt more confident due to the large presence of Brazilians in Darthmont. According to the canoeist, shouts and applause from the audience reached his ears during the race, which was decisive for the victory in the heats of the C1 500m, on Wednesday.

Brazilian fans at the Canoe World Cup in Canada — Photo: Camilo Pinheiro Machado

– On the first day I arrived here in Canada, I found a Brazilian, then on another day another Brazilian and that’s how I find myself. Today was different. Normally we go to Europe and there are no Brazilian fans. At the start here I heard the crowd when my name was announced and I thought: ‘Damn, where did all that screaming come from?’ Very cool. First time I see such a big crowd outside Brazil. Very special to row with this support and to be able to have this contact with those who make a living outside Brazil. I’m very happy – he concluded.

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