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For fear of comparison with another film on his resume, the actor didn’t want a female rival in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge.

For many fans, Pirates of the Caribbean will always be Johnny Depp and his character Jack Sparrow. In a way, the franchise began and ended with the actor – or at least in his plans. His decision-making power in Disney films was so important that he could change important elements at will.

That’s what happened in Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (2017), the fifth part of the franchise. Depp demanded a very significant change from the villain. Initially, the protagonist was going to face a woman in the plot, but the star intervened to ensure that the antagonist was male. In the end, the role was given to Javier Bardem.

This “alteration” was recently revealed by Terry Rossio, who wrote the script for the previous four feature films and who went on to write the fifth and final one before being replaced by Jeff Nathanson. On his personal blog, Rossio explained why the switch was necessary and reflected on it.

“My version of Salazar’s Revenge was scrapped because it featured a female villain, and Depp believed it would be redundant. [em comparação] with Shadows of the Night [2012]which also featured a female villain,” Rossio began.

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“Of course, there’s still the possibility that all these scripts were just plain bad. But when I reread a script that wasn’t produced, it holds up many times better than the movie that was made. It only takes one person’s choice, often a simple whim, to destroy years of storytelling and world-building.”

It is worth remembering that the delay in production was so great that Salazar’s Revenge ended up being released five years after Shadows of the Night. And in the meantime, Depp had starred in other projects, so the change didn’t make as much sense.

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the future of Pirates of the Caribbean remains open after Depp won the defamation lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. The actor had been fired from the saga due to allegations of physical and verbal abuse made by Heard since 2017, when the couple announced their separation and started the controversy that would result in this year’s trial.

Prior to the verdict, Disney was working on two hypothetical projects: a direct sequel starring the fifth film’s young actors Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites; and a spin-off/reboot starring Margot Robbie and written by Christina Hodson. Now, with the decision in Depp’s favor, rumors resurface that he may reprise the role of Sparrow. So far the studio has not hit the hammer.

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