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Another defeat for Amber Heard: judge denies request for annulment of trial

The actress’ team of lawyers asked for the annulment due to an error in the composition of the jury.

Amber Heard looks set to not get any legal wins in her legal showdown with ex-husband Johnny Depp. This time, the actress saw the request for a mistrial denied.

The request had been made by the actress’ legal team in early July, after they discovered that an error had occurred in the composition of the jury. One of the elements present had not been summoned — the person who had received the summons was another member of his household, with whom he shared the name — and the irregularity gave rise to a request for annulment.

According to The Daily Mail, that same request has just been denied by Judge Penny Azcarate. But this was not the only request analyzed, because Heard placed other requests on the magistrate’s table.

Heard had also asked that the verdict should be ignored, this because the thesis that the actress defamed her ex-husband “is not based on any evidence”. In a document with more than 40 pages, Heard’s lawyers laid out all the arguments, in addition to claiming that the compensation amounts were excessive.

Now, after analyzing this argument, Penny Azcarate has made it very clear that there will be no room for a retrial.

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