Lady Gaga is confirmed as Harley Quinn; see curiosities

The singer and actress was cast to play Harley Quinn in the sequel to “Joker”, scheduled for release. debut in 2024

The discreet teaser shared by the profile of the film shows the silhouettes of Phoenix and Gaga (Photo: Playback / Instagram @joker)

The sequel to the award-winning movie “Joker”, Joker: Folie a Deuxalready has the right name for Harlequin’s interpreter: Lady Gaga. The official profile of the feature film on Instagram confirmed, this Thursday (4), that the singer and actress was cast to live the iconic character. Gaga will work with the actor Joaquin Phoenixawarded an Oscar for best performance for his portrayal of the villain, in the first film in the franchise, in 2019.

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The account of “Joker”, on the social network, shared a teaser with the silhouettes of Phoenix and Gaga. The artist who already has experience on the big screen, also shared the video. The short excerpt does not reveal scenes from the production, but brings the dancing shadows of the two stars who will star in the film. The direction of the feature film remains under the responsibility of Todd Phillips, the same filmmaker who signed the first “Joker”. See curiosities:

Phoenix won an Oscar for Best Actor for “Joker” (Photo: Playback/Instagram @joker)

what do we know about the new movie

Titled “Joker: Folie a Deux”, the premiere date of production is expected to October 8, 2024. The expectation around the film was that Gaga would take on the role of the Batman villain clown’s girlfriend. Choice that may have to do with another suspect that has been confirmed: the sequel will be a musical film.

The first was a success

The first feature film was very successful, not only at the box office but also among critics specializing in the seventh art. The film topped the billing of 1 billion dollars worldwide, becoming the second biggest film in the DC Comicssecond only to Aquaman (2018).

Directed by Phillips, “Joker” achieved other admirable feats, such as being the first film adapted from a comic book to be nominated for Oscar. The work received 11 nominations for the Academy Awards, including from Best movietop prize of the night.

Joaquin Phoenix had already been nominated for an Oscar four times (Photo: Playback/Instagram @joker)

In addition to the Oscar for the original soundtrack, Phoenix’s performance earned the film another statuette. The American actor took home the first Oscar of his career after four nominations.

Gaga’s career as an actress

Lady Gaga sold the 2019 Oscar for “Best Original Song” (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @ladygaga)

The iconic voice of pop hits like “Born This Way” is not a big screen debut. Lady Gaga made her first theatrical appearance in the movie “Machete Kills” (2013). In the long, the singer shared the screen with names like Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Vanessa Hudgens, but the participation of Gaga did not exceed 3 minutes, and failed to please the critics.

Already in 2014, the pop diva also appeared in the movie “SinCity: The Fatal Lady“. This time, Gaga played a waitress and played opposite actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Although taking on a minor role, the artist set the stage for what was one of the best performances of her career to date, according to critics, in the series “American Horror Story: Hotel” (2015).

Returning to the movies in 2018, it was the singer’s turn to surprise viewers once again, with her performance in “A Star is Born“. As Ally, a rising singer, Gaga showed an enviable chemistry playing opposite the actor. Bradley Cooper. The feature film earned the actress/singer two Oscar nominations: Best actress and best original songl. The last figurine she took home, setting up the first Academy Award of your career.

More recently, in 2021, it was Lady Gaga’s turn to mix fashion, crime and cinema, when she starred in the film “Gucci House” (2021). In the production of Ridley Scott, the artist plays the real character Patrizia Reggianiaccused of causing the death of her husband Maurizio Gucci, a member of the powerful founding family of the eponymous brand.

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