Lívia Andrade wears a PP shirt and almost shows volume when she raises her arm: “You want to go out”

Razing hearts! Lívia Andrade, presenter and digital influencer, took advantage of a beautiful day of rest in Orlando, United States, and took the opportunity to share her good shape this Thursday afternoon (04).

+ With minimalist thong, Lívia Andrade shows back volume again

“More caffeine please…”, he wrote in the publication’s caption. In the click, Lívia Andrade put on a white PP shirt, lay on her bed and took the opportunity to stretch her arms. In doing so, the presenter’s clothes gave a slight lift, showing all her good shape and simply cracked shape.

“More caffeine? So stop by my house and let’s have a coffee”, joked a fan in the comments field. “I swear, you should have some program of your own! Miss you on TV,” said another, adding some heart emojis.

After controversies, Lívia Andrade talks about her recent reunion with Silvio Santos

During an interview with Quem magazine, Lívia Andrade commented more about her recent reunion with Silvio Santos. According to her, her first reaction was to be paralyzed.

“He left me paralyzed because when he saw me he started to thank me, he filled me with compliments, he remembered all the work I did at SBT. He said that unfortunately they would not be able to pay my salary, which was too much, and that if I accepted less, the doors of SBT were open to me”, said Lívia Andrade.

“He spoke about the family, told me some details, asked about everything about my life and once again asked me to have a child (laughs). He even gave me a contact from a clinic in Spain that a family member went to. And finally, I was able to thank him from the bottom of my heart and say how important he was in my life. I kissed his hand and left. Then he called me again, that’s when we took the last picture.”


+ Enjoying international ballads Lívia Andrade rocks the look and impresses fans

+ Dress didn’t hold? Lívia Andrade decides to prove that her volume is totally natural

+ Lívia Andrade takes off her bikini top and takes a shower with a hose

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