Man causes forest fire by trying to burn spider with lighter

A man has been arrested in the state of Utah, in the United States, suspected of having started a forest fire after trying to set fire to a spider using a lighter.

Cory Martin, 26, told local police he saw the arachnid while hiking up a hill outside the city of Springville. He admitted that he tried to set the animal on fire, but did not explain what would have motivated the action, according to information from the Guardian.

While investigating Cory’s possessions at the time he was arrested, officers found a pot of marijuana, but said the suspect “did not appear to be under the influence of the substance,” Utah Police Sergeant Spencer Cannon said. British newspaper.

The official added that there was no evidence the man had started the fire intentionally, although the decision to set the spider on fire was “irresponsible” and “intriguing”.

“What made him stop, notice the spider and decide to burn it, we don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t have a reason. Maybe he doesn’t even know”, opined the sergeant.

Cory was arrested shortly after the fire broke out on Tuesday on suspicion of arson caused by recklessness and possession of marijuana and drug accessories, according to documents accessed by the Guardian. Until yesterday, he was being held in detention and no lawyer had been identified.

Despite the scare, which even mobilized helicopters, the man-initiated fire destroyed “only” 2 m² of vegetation, according to firefighters. No houses were hit.

The entire state of Utah, including the area where the fire occurred, has been experiencing a period of drought and dry weather, which facilitates the spread of fire outbreaks.

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