Mysterious red glow motif in the ocean is revealed; Look!

No, it wasn’t the extraterrestrials and it wasn’t even a portal opened by the villain Vecna, from the series Stranger Things. The probable cause for the mysterious red glow seen in the Atlantic Ocean in July has a plausible and not dangerous explanation — at least for us humans.

Recall the case: a pilot flying over the Atlantic Ocean saw and recorded a mysterious red glow in the deep waters. The images were published on reddit and caused a frenzy – there were even those who said that it would be the “end of times”.

Original post made on Reddit about the glow in the oceanOriginal post made on Reddit about the glow in the ocean (reproduction)Source: Reddit

Well, cut to the beginning of August. THE CNN interviewed Neil Jacobs, an expert in meteorological modeling, who explained that the lights seem to boil down to a few unsuspecting fishing boats in the region.

According to Jacobs, fishing boats use red lights on their boats to attract the saury fish, known worldwide as mackerel. Apparently, fish are attracted to the frequency of light, which helps to increase catch.

The specialist even compared the location of the fishing boats with the trajectory of the flight that took the footage, and, in fact, what the pilot saw was probably just a few fishermen doing their routine work.

Interested, or are you still in doubt, that Vecna ​​— or extraterrestrials — might be among us? In the video below, a manufacturer of the lights exemplifies how they work. Look:

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