Neto detonates new signing of Flamengo: ‘Jogadorzinho!’

Flamengo is close to announcing another signing in this mid-year transfer window. The attacking midfielder Oscar got the release with Shanghai Port, from China. According to news published this Friday (5), the player has already signed a contract with Rubro-Negro.

Oscar’s arrival at Flamengo pleased most of Flamengo’s fans, but there were those who didn’t think it was a good idea. Former player and commentator Neto said on the program Os Donos da Bola that he does not consider Oscar so well.

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“Flamengo is going to hire that guy Oscar, right? The Oscars five years in China: 44 goals. In China, huh? He scores almost nine goals a year. There, he played five years in Brazilian football, scored 19 goals. Little ‘half-spoon’ player. He hasn’t played for the national team since 2016. He won two titles in China.”

Always controversial. Neto added: “Then Flamengo has Marinho, Pedro, Gabigol, Everton. At 23/24, fine, but at 30?”

To complete, Neto also bombed a supposed advantage that Flamengo will receive in terms of the stadium: “And now he wants a stadium with a public concession. If you have the money to hire a player like that and everyone you have signed, why don’t you build your own stadium (without government assistance).”

Oscar has already got it right, but Flamengo has not yet confirmed the hiring of Oscar. The player is in Brazil for the birth of his daughter. The contract with Flamengo will run until the end of 2022. Rubro-Negro is still trying to extend Oscar’s stay in Brazil.

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