Piperno points out great rival of Palmeiras for the title

Nilson César detonates the attitude of Abel Ferreira, coach of Palmeiras:

Credit: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

Journalist Fábio Piperno analyzed, in addition to Libertadores, the Brasileirão Serie A, and pointed out the great rival of Palmeiras in the fight for the title this year, which, in his view, is still far from being decided.

“I think the great opponent in the title dispute with Palmeiras is Flamengo, despite the nine points. I don’t believe in the arrival of Corinthians and Fluminense, who have been playing good football. If Palmeiras face Flamengo and lose, leaving the gap at six points, I think the Brasileirão Serie A is open”, analyzed Piperno.

About Libertadores, Piperno called the alert for Palmeiras and, mainly, on the way in which Galo can play against the São Paulo club to eliminate the Libertadores team.

“If I am Cuca, I come to São Paulo prepared for a draw, to take this dispute to penalties. If you do that and take it to penalties, the pressure changes abruptly to the other side, Palmeiras will have tons in their legs for every penalty they hit, as they lost 9 of the last 10 [disputas por pênalti]”, revealed Piperno.

Neto talks about the Libertadores duel between Palmeiras x Atlético-MG

Former player and commentator Neto, spoke about the duel between Palmeiras x Atlético-MG in Libertadores and guaranteed that the São Paulo club was saved by defender Gustavo Gómez and midfielder Gustavo Scarpa.

“I want to know if Palmeiras, who are undefeated, who are doing well as a visitor, can withstand Atlético Mineiro’s counterattack in the next game. Maybe it’s the match of the year (for both teams). If it weren’t for Gustavo Gómez and Gustavo Scarpa, Palmeiras would hardly be so alive in Libertadores”, he added.

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