President of Portugal approves visa for job seekers

Foreigners will have about 6 months to find a job and apply for residency; measure is not yet in effect

The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, sanctioned on Thursday (4.Aug.2022) legislation that establishes new types of visas for foreigners. Among them, the job search. The text still needs to be published in the Diário da República to take effect.

Presented by the government in mid-June, the project was approved in the Portuguese Parliament on 21 July. According to the Portuguese government, the purpose of the proposal is “attract regulated immigration”.

With the implementation of the job search visa, anyone who wants to move to Portugal will have 120 days to find a job and apply for residency. There is the possibility of extending the visa for another 60 days.

In noteRebelo de Sousa said that “some formal inaccuracies“still need to be”cautioned”, but highlighted the importance of the project to fulfill the mobility agreement between the CPLP (Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries) countries.

In July 2021, the CPLP approved a mobility agreement to facilitate the movement of people in the group’s countries, with the granting of visas and residence permits. Just like BrasiliaLisbon ratified the pact.

In addition to the job search visa, the new legislation establishes rules for citizens of CPLP nations to stay in the country. According to the text, those whoholders of a short-stay visa or a temporary stay visa or who have legally entered national territory may apply in national territory, at the SEF [Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras]the CPLP residence permit”.

This permission will be valid “less than one year, renewable for an equal period”.


In addition to the visa for job seekers and citizens of CPLP member countries, the legislation includes:

  • digital nomads: granting of a visa for the exercise of subordinate or independent professional activity to professionals who work remotely outside Portugal. In this case, you mustthe employment relationship or the provision of services, as the case may be, must be demonstrated“;
  • families: simplification of family migration, with the granting of visas and residence permits for those accompanying a family member who already has a visa or residence permit;
  • students: Students enrolled in Portuguese universities will not need to apply for a visa from the SEF, as is done today.

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