‘Pure’ 5G for iPhones arrives in Brazil in September, says Fábio Faria

The iPhone operating system should undergo an update by September to be able to work with “pure” 5G in Brazil. The forecast was informed by the Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, after a meeting with Apple executives, in Palo Alto, in the United States.

In operation in four state capitals plus the Federal District, the 5G connection works on iPhone, but in “non standalone”. In this version, the Apple smartphone uses the same 4G network infrastructure. One of the consequences, for example, is the loss of quality in latency, which is the response time between the command and the execution of a task on the internet.

According to Fábio Faria, Apple gave the deadline until September to update iPhones to “standalone”, a version that makes the cell phone connect to exclusive 5G networks, called “pure 5G”, which is the real speed of the technology.

tilt contacted the company to confirm the update date, but Apple said it does not comment on the forecast given by the minister. iPhone competitors already use “pure” 5G (check here for 5G-compatible cell phone versions in Brazil).

“We came to address a main issue for us, which is the iPhone update for Brazilian customers in relation to standalone 5G. We asked that these updates be made by the month of September and they are in contact with the engineers in Brazil and will report to us” , said Faria, in his social networks.

The forecast for Apple’s software update for September is in line with the planned schedule for all capitals to have 5G in activity by the operators that won the lot for the 3.5 GHz band. In Brazil since July 6, when it started in Brasília, the connection currently also covers Belo Horizonte, João Pessoa, Porto Alegre and São Paulo.

5G in Brazil

According to Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), the next capitals expected to have the technology available are: Curitiba, Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. There is still no confirmed date for the start of the signal’s operation in these next capitals.

Another 18 Brazilian capitals still do not have a forecast for the release of the signal by the operators. According to Anatel, operators have until September 29 to activate the connection in the capitals. The deadline was August, but due to equipment delays, Anatel decided to postpone the date.

Below, see how the activation of the signal is in each of the capitals

Where the signal is activated

  • Brasilia
  • Belo Horizonte
  • João Pessoa
  • Porto Alegre
  • Sao Paulo

Next capitals for signal release

  • Curitiba
  • goiânia
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • savior

Capitals still unforeseen

  • Aracaju
  • Bethlehem
  • Good view
  • Large field
  • cuiabá
  • Strength
  • Florianopolis
  • manaus
  • Macapá
  • Maceió
  • Christmas
  • Recife
  • White River
  • palms
  • Porto Velho
  • São Luís
  • Victory
  • Teresina

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